Voyage au Canada

Canada - 16th april 2011 to April 2011*

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            On 16th April, pupils and their teachers left Lamballe to go to Toronto. At 10 : 40 a.m, they took a plane to go from Rennes to Paris and they arrived there at 11 : 55 a.m. In Paris, they embarked to go to Toronto at 1 : 55 p.m. During the trip, they could watch movies, listen to music, etc.. They had lunch which was complicated because it was not the same hours in France and in Canada. The French pupils, arrived at 4 : 30 pm in Toronto Canadian hour. They could find their correspondents and discover the families and homes. They were very excited to see them again and to discover the country !


              cananda 02  On the first day, they arrived at school with their exchange students. They were impressed by the size and the number of high school students ! As they arrived early, their exchange students made them go around the school. When they saw the size of the lockers that made them think about an American movie. Lessons in class are very different from France, because teachers are more flexible with students. For example, they can use their mobile phone or just listen to music. Then, the teacher of history and geography made a lesson about the history of Canada and Toronto. They were only French people. After, they took the streetcar to visit downtown Toronto with its tall towers, like the gold tower, which is a large bank. Then, they waited for the boat that would take them on the island of « Toronto Island Park ». They could have a nice view of Toronto ! Next, they went to the CN Tower, where they took the elevator.               

               cananda 03 On 20th April, they went to Niagara Falls in Ontario. They span about 792 metres and tumble about 52 metres. Falls began 10 000 years ago and 132.5 million litres of water fall over its crest every minute, making it the most powerful waterfall in North America. After Niagara Falls, they went to an Iroquoian village which was reconstructed on its original site. The people who originally lived in this village were Iroquoian but not Iroquois. The two terms are distinct. Iroquoian term refers to several groups of people who share similar languages and cultural practices. The name Iroquois refers to the Five Nations that joined and form the confederacy called the League of the Iroquois. We can determine the population of a village with the number and size of the longhouses discovered. In this village, there are five longhouses so, approximately, 250 people lived here in the mid 1400's. Iroquoian people were farmers and grew three main crops : corn, beans and squash ; which were planted and cultivated around the village. They saw the different objects used by Iroquoian people for games, meals, babies ...

                cananda 04On Thursday, April 21st they had sport : swimming at first and then yoga (for girls) or hockey (for boys). After all these activities, they had lunch and attended a « fashion show » made by students. Even the principal of the school participated ! They went to the Royal Ontario Museum. This is a big and modern building. There are a lot of exhibitions like : World culture galleries, natural history galleries, past exhibitions... They could see famous paintings and sculptures. The Royal Ontario Museum is among the world's leading museums of natural history.

                On Friday, April 22nd evening, they had the opportunity to attend a baseball game into the huge Stadium : Rogers Center, the most famous stadium of Toronto. This game helped them undersand and share the public's enthusiasm for this sport.

               cananda 05 On Monday, April 25th , they all joined the Toronto Zoo. It hosts 5.000 animals representing 500 species. They traveled around the world : their journey began in Asia and then they finished by North America. They also went to the center dedicated entirely to Canadian animals . The Grizzly Bear, Raccoon, American Moose, elk, American elk, the Northern bald eagle, the Trumpeter Swan, Wood Buffalo and Cougar animals.

                Some students, spent the week-end of Easter with their host family. For example, one mother of an exchange partner had prepared a typical American break-feast : pancakes with maple syrup, egg and bacon. After, they were with their friends on one beach of Lake Ontario.               

               cananda 06 On 27th April, they discovered Montreal which was founded under Louis XIII, king of France in 1639. The city became a British colony in 1763. It is situated in Quebec which is in the French part of Canada.

                On the day of their departure from Toronto and the separation from their families in Canada, after torrents of tears, they went to Ottawa. There they visited two important monuments in Canadian culture : the first is the magnificent Parliament Hill which is one of the most important symbols of the city. The second important monument is the Museum of Civilization.


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